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Aggressively He FIFA Coins

Posted by: mmogofifa on 01/10/2018 02:29 AM

Aggressively He <a href="">FIFA Coins</a> shoved Ibaka and tried to slap the ball out of his hand as their teammates rallied around them Heres the video including an inconvenient camera cut to Jimmy Butler right as the action heats upUPDATE The NBA suspended both Lopez and Ibaka one game for their altercationLopez and Ibaka throwing punches pictwitter

CMeFeBqStephen Noh StephNoh March When the camera comes back though we see a good punch thrown by both players Heres another angleBest part about Robin Lopez & Serge Ibaka taking turns swinging & missing Means the suspensions wont be as severe pictwitterlmsjbIWyEMichael Lee MrMichaelLee March The Lopez punch appears

to miss completely Ibaka avoids it with a combination of being pushed back and ducking out of the way as you can see here Ibakas punch gets closer It looks like he grazed the side of Lopezs head but definitely didnt make direct contact Neither punch had the power of a boxer throwing a knockout blow they were reaching over teammates and

being held back But can you imagine <a href="">FIFA Mobile 18 Coins</a> the fallout if either punch had connected Thats a bloody nose or worse If any bones break that makes things really bad Weve seen sports figures punch each other without any lasting damage and maybe both players escape with a sore jaw But you never knowSubscribe to Good Morning Its Basketball NBA

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